Windshield Repair Training

With the PDR Training California Windshield Repair Systems Training, you can easily learn the skills needed to offer high-quality repairs that customers will love. Our personalized training and top-notch repair system make it simple to add windshield repair to your repertoire, alongside Paintless Dent Repair, Odor Removal, and Headlight Restoration. Don’t wait to take advantage of this already existing market – enroll in our training program today.
Close-up image of a shattered glass surface with radial cracks emanating from a central impact point, reminiscent of the precision required in PDR Training in California.
A close-up image of a cracked and shattered glass surface in grayscale. The glass is broken into sharp, jagged fragments radiating from a central point, resembling the precision often mastered in PDR Training in California.
A gloved hand uses a specialized tool to repair a crack in a windshield, showcasing the precision skills gained from PDR training in California.
Master Windshield Repair with our expert-led windshield repair training. Learn hands-on techniques to restore windshields flawlessly.

Windshield Repair Training

Repair Rather Than Replace

Chipped windshields are a common sight on the road. But did you know that you could turn this issue into a profitable business opportunity? Our top-quality Windshield Repair System coupled with our personalized training can help you tap into the existing market. Our system is the ultimate solution for fast and effective repairs on all types of damage, including bull’s eyes, stone chips, star breaks, and small cracks. Our expert instructors will guide you through the entire repair process, from centering and mounting the bridge to vacuuming and injecting the resin.

As a company that not only sells the system but also performs the service, we will teach you all the tricks and shortcuts that we use ourselves. With our training, you will be equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to perform fast and efficient repairs. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to turn a common issue into a profitable venture.

Windshield Repair Training

Discover the ultimate Windshield Repair Systems Training that guarantees quick and efficient repairs on all types of damage. Whether it’s bull’s eyes, stone chips, star breaks, or small cracks, our expert instructors will guide you step-by-step through the entire windshield repair process. From centering and mounting the bridge to vacuuming and injecting the resin, you’ll learn all the tips and tricks from a company that not only sells the systems, but also performs the service. Our training is designed to provide you with valuable knowledge and shortcuts to ensure that your repairs are fast, efficient, and insurance-approved. With Windshield Repair from The Ding King, you’ll be able to offer high-quality services that will exceed your customers’ expectations and boost your business. 

Windshield Repair Training & Equipment:

Learn to Repair:

  • Bulls Eyes
  • Star Breaks
  • Combo Breaks
  • Small Cracks


Windshield Repair Training

Windshield Damage and How it Occurs

When a pebble or rock hits your windshield, it can cause damage to the outer layer of glass, resulting in a chip or small crack. As a result, the chipped glass particles become surrounded by numerous tiny air pockets, which can cause visual distortion. Unfortunately, these types of incidents happen all too often, resulting in stone chips and small cracks.

Not All Damage is Alike

Each stone chip is unique in its own way, even if they may appear similar at first glance. While some chips may be as tiny as your fingernail, others can be as large as a half dollar. In addition to size, they also come in various shapes and patterns. 

We’ve made windshield repair easy and hassle-free with our user-friendly system. Our high-quality resins guarantee that you’ll be able to make repairs that you can be proud of. Learning the system is incredibly simple, so you’ll be able to restore your windshield in no time.

The Principle of Windshield Repair

To repair the damage caused by trapped air and prevent further spreading, a specially formulated liquid resin is applied to fill the cavities and bond the loose glass. Once cured with ultra-violet light, this resin clears the distortion and restores the glass to its original state. This process is the first step in successful glass repair.

Windshield Repair Training Includes:

When a stray pebble or rock hits a windshield, the impact can chip the outer layer of glass and create a small crack. These seemingly minor incidents are quite common and can result in annoying visual distortions caused by tiny air pockets that surround the chipped glass particles. Don’t let a simple stone chip or small crack turn into a bigger problem; address the issue as soon as possible to ensure clear and safe driving.

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