Scuffed Bumper Repair Training

PDR Training California’s Scuffed Bumper Repair Training Course offers a comprehensive set of paint touch-up tools, essential for aspiring professional mobile paint repair technicians. The program combines expert-led demonstrations with hands-on repairs, ensuring students gain the knowledge and confidence needed to handle all kinds of mobile paint repairs. With this training, you’ll be equipped with the essential skills to tackle any mobile paint repair job with precision and efficiency.

Scuffed Bumper Repair Training

SMART Paint Repair Training

Paint Color Matching Software

SMART Paint Repair Training

Scuffed Bumper Repair Training

Paint Repair Training Center

Scuffed Bumper Repair Training

Faster Repairs, More Profit, and Environmentally Friendly

Over the years, the name Ding King has become synonymous with leading-edge technology and top-of-the-line repair systems. The Ding King SMART Paint Repair Training Systems allow for complete paint restoration; from simple paint chip and scratch repair to complete panel re-spraying and bumper repair. Repairs are completed quickly and are kept to the damaged area only. This method allows you to complete more work in less time. The results are not only faster repairs, but more profit in your pocket.

Our SMART Paint Repair Training System allows you to professionally repair all types of damage in both HOT OR COLD WEATHER. Additionally, all Ding King SMART Paint Repair Training Systems are AQMD LEGAL and utilizes only VOC COMPLIANT paint chemicals. Besides being environmentally friendly, it allows you to produce finished repairs that will surpass your most finicky customer.

It's All About Quality Paint Training

While technology and equipment are important, nothing is more critical than the expertise of your Master Instructor. The Ding King instructors have “been there, done that.” Combined with their innate passion for teaching, students come away knowing that they are equipped to be the very best in the business. You’ll work side by side with a master Ding King instructor teaching you everything you’ll need to know to perform quality paint repairs.

Precision Color Matching

With our Paint Color Matching Software, you’ll have direct access to our entire mixing formula database. Just fill the relevant fields in the clearly structured user interface. Then the requested mixing formula will appear on the screen within a wink of an eye…and it’s fast and easy.

The database contains over 200,000 mixing formulas, giving access to more than 100,000 colors. It even provides variants of the requested color for badly oxidized or aging paint. Our Color Match Software is updated four times a year at no additional cost. In addition, this software also contains all the MSDS information and safety data sheets for all paint chemicals and toners.

More About Ding King Paint Repair

You’ve heard the old saying that “little things mean a lot.” Well little “dings” can also mean a lot when you’re talking about paint repairs. Scratches, stone chips and other types of small paint damage are a common annoyance for owners of new or expensive cars. Now these little annoyances can mean added revenue and profits for you.

How many times have you seen a vehicle where the bumper is scuffed or has some type of paint damage? Did you know that each scuffed bumper can generate $250 with less than $10 in product cost?

SMART Paint Repair Systems

In the past, small damage that occurred to customer’s cars was often more trouble for them to repair. But these days it’s worth repairing and sustaining their car’s value. Most customers were not willing to pay the cost or take the time required by body shops. But now those small repair jobs can mean profit for your business. All Ding King SMART Paint Repair Systems allows you to offer fast, dependable repairs at a reasonable cost. Our innovative system allows you to make small repairs without the need to clear coat an entire panel. All of this adds up to real added value for your customers. And a real profit opportunity for you!

The Ding King’s paint repair training and paint touch up training courses are complete comprehensive packages. They offer you everything you need to perform fast, high-quality mobile or shop repairs. Whether you plan to operate your business in cold or hot or humid weather conditions. Ding King will customize your chemical package to allow you to overcome Mother Nature.

Paint Repair Training Systems

Our Paint Repair Training Systems are easy to use, simple to mix and deliver fast-drying high-performance finishes, making every job look like new. This includes spot, panel and overall touch up repairs to solid, metallic and pearlescent automotive finishes.

Depending on the type of repair: scuffs, rust, chips or scratches, you’ll have a quality repair job exceeding your customer’s expectation, every time! When you select The Ding King for your paint repair training, you’ll be properly prepared to repair every type of damage!

Scuffed Bumper Repair Training

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