Training PDR California

Become a professional PDR technician and secure your path to success.

Multifaceted Experience

We deliver a multifaceted training experience, blending practical hands-on sessions with theoretical knowledge to equip students with a comprehensive understanding of Paintless Dent Repair.


PDR Training California offers industry-recognized certification, ensuring that graduates are equipped with the credentials and skills necessary to excel in the Paintless Dent Repair field.

Dedicated to Your Success

PDR Training California is dedicated to the success of our students, providing personalized support, expert guidance, and resources to ensure they thrive in the Paintless Dent Repair industry.

Training PDR California

1-on-1 Hands-On Training Available

Over The Shoulder Hands-On Personalized Training.
We Will Teach You Everything You Need To Know.
Close-up of a white car's front bumper with a noticeable dent and scratches near the headlight, ideal for those interested in PDR training in California.Close-up of a white car's front end, focusing on the headlight and a portion of the curved bumper. Part of the wheel and body panel are also visible, ideal for illustrating techniques taught in PDR training in California.
Close-up of a blue car hood with a large dent in the middle and a Škoda logo at the bottom center. The reflection of the sky is visible on the dented surface, an ideal candidate for PDR Training in California.Close-up of a Škoda car's hood, showcasing its shiny blue paint and emblem in the center near the bottom, reminiscent of vehicles often seen during PDR Training in California.
Close-up of a car door with a noticeable dent below the door handle, reflecting light. Perfect example for those considering PDR training in California.Close-up of a car door handle with reflective surface, highlighting the metallic paint and contours of the car, perfect for PDR training in California.
Close-up of a red car's side mirror and door handle, with reflections and shadows visible on the car's surface—perfect examples for PDR Training in California.Close-up of the side of a red car, showing part of the side mirror and the door handle, reminiscent of scenes featured in PDR Training in California.
Our Training

PDR Training and Add-On Courses: More Services = More Profits

The Ding King’s PDR Training and Add-On Courses consist of the most sought after services available in the industry. They have been designed for you to take advantage of the fastest growing segment of the Automotive Appearance Repair Industry: The “Certified Pre-Owned Market” (used cars.) Dealers across the country currently generate a majority of profits from used car sales. Transforming their cars into “like-new” condition is necessary in order to be designated a “Certified Used Vehicle Dealer.” Used car managers rely on many different vendors to perform a variety of appearance repair services. By eliminating these multiple vendors and working with one Auto Reconditioning specialist, dealerships would save a tremendous amount of time and money.

Training PDR California

My experience at the Costa Mesa facility was absolutely amazing. My instructor Erik Navarro, along with instructors Lee and Cole were some of the best people I’ve ever met. Knowledgeable, friendly, and genuinely just good people. I would like to also give a shout out to all the behind-the-scenes staff. I’m not sure of all their names but upon getting there everyone came out and said hi to me and knew my name and when I left they all wish me safe travels home. Thanks again DingKing, staff and instructors, I will definitely be coming back to do more training

Car mechanic working to remove dent in workshop.
Additional Profit Centers

Revenue Potential for PDR Industry

Discover the top-rated PDR Training and add-on courses at PDR Training California: Our industry-leading courses are meticulously crafted to enable you to capitalize on the thriving certified pre-owned market within the automotive appearance repair industry.

Paintless Dent Repair

Glue Pulling

Hail Repair

Advanced PDR

Paint Chip Repair

Scuffed Bumper Repair

Alloy Wheel Repair

Interior Repair

Windshield Repair

Odor Removal System

Headlight Renewal

Paint Protection Film

Ceramic Coating

Paint Correction

Window Tinting

Auto Detailing


Glue Pulling Online

PDR Tools


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