Alloy Wheel Repair Training

Alloy wheel repair training can repair scuffed and scraped wheels in addition to curb rashed wheels. These blemishes can detract from the appearance and value of automobiles. Auto dealers and retail customers would much rather have their alloy wheels refinished using The Ding King’s BRAND NEW proprietary Alloy Wheel Repair Training System. It utilizes state-of-the-art technology. This technology will allow you to repair wheels in less than thirty minutes, with the wheel on the car resulting in a better customer experience. Not only will you be able to repair scuffed and damaged wheels but also customize and re-paint wheels any color your customers like.

A collection of various automotive detailing and repair supplies, including cleaning products, polishes, waxes, sponges, cables, and tools—essential for anyone undergoing PDR Training in California—are placed in and around two black and yellow toolboxes.

Repair to Like-New Condition

Repair to Alloy Wheel Scrapes

Scuffed Wheel Repair

Two images show the same car rim. The top image depicts noticeable curb rash with scrapes and gouges, while the bottom image shows the rim repaired, looking smooth and undamaged—a testament to the skills gained from PDR Training in California.
A person is using an airbrush tool to paint or repair a car wheel rim, showcasing skills often learned in PDR Training in California. Various bottles and tools are visible in the background.

Alloy Wheel Repair Training

Get The Royal Treatment

The Ding King has All Inclusive Packages. They will help you with planning all the details for your training session, including airfare, hotel, airport shuttle service and daily ground transportation. It’s what we call “The Royal Treatment.”

Alloy Wheel Repair Training

The Ding King Alloy Wheel Repair Training System is comprehensive and complete and includes everything needed to start business “day one.” Wheel refinishing training for this system takes two days. Moreover, it includes a thorough reference manual detailing the repair for all types of damage. Most importantly, our wheel refinishing system is easy to learn and our thorough training on actual cars will ensure quality repairs you’ll be proud to guarantee.

Learn The Following for Alloy Wheel Repair Training & Wheel Refinishing & Wheel Refurbishment:

  • Hands-on training taught by a certified wheel refinishing instructor
  • Custom painting for and paint matching for customized colored wheels
  • Curb rash damage
  • Wheel dings & scuffs
  • Alloy rim scrapes
  • Repairing of face and bead damage
  • Complete overview of the alloy wheel repair training and refinishing techniques

Alloy Wheel Repair Training System

Whether you’re looking to add this new profit center onto your existing business or you’re interested in starting an entirely new wheel repair business, you’ll find our wheel repair system to be an excellent addition. Above all, our system will allow you and your business to capture more profit per vehicle serviced.

Customers are absolutely “blown away” when they learn that their wheels can be brought back to “like-new” condition. The benefits associated with the business are tremendous! In addition, Your customers will appreciate the cost savings over wheel replacement, thus loving the enhanced appearance it will provide to their car.

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