Chip Paint Touch Up System

PDR Training California’s Chip Repair Kit offers an exceptional range of 85 colors to choose from, with the added advantage of custom blending options, guaranteeing a precise color match every time. Our Complete Accessory & Chemical Package provides you with all the necessary tools to start right away, straight out of the box. Upon completion of the repair, you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion, confirming your proficiency in handling any kind of job, no matter how challenging it may seem.

A PDR Training kit in California includes numerous small bottles, large jugs of blue and pink liquids, various tools, cloths, a funnel, and instructional manuals all organized neatly around a blue case.
Three bottles of Step 1 automotive paint labeled "Ding King" in red, white, and silver colors, perfect for those undergoing PDR training in California.
A blue and black plastic toolbox with orange highlights, featuring a "RING AUTOMOTIVE" logo on the top lid. The box has a large handle and is closed, perfect for carrying your essentials to PDR Training in California.
A person wearing a blue glove is meticulously applying touch-up paint to a small scratch on a gray car's surface using a small brush, demonstrating skills often emphasized in PDR training in California.
Close-up image of a red vehicle's hood featuring the Kia logo in a chrome oval emblem. Shadows of nearby objects are faintly visible on the surface, as if hinting at advanced techniques learned from PDR training in California.

Chip Paint Touch Up System

Say Goodbye to Car Paint Damage with The Ding King's Paint Touch Up Repair System

Stone chips, deep scratches, and road rash can ruin the appearance of your vehicle. Luckily, The Ding King’s Paint Touch Up Repair System make it easy to repair car paint damage and achieve permanent, professional repairs without going to a paint and body shop. This system allows you to touch-up and repair paint chips and scratches using a very simple method to learn. It includes all the chemicals and paints necessary for you to repair a variety of damage as well as our proprietary wipe-on, wipe-off chemical package for “blob-free” finishes. In today’s environment, the best competitive edge is to provide the highest quality repairs. Equip yourself with the newest technology such as our Ding King Chip Repair System and deliver unparalleled quality. You’ll receive professional instruction by our Paint Touch Up by a Certified Master Instructor. They will teach you how to select the proper color for a perfect match along with repairing damage permanently, saving you time and creating higher profits for your business.

Our Paint Chip Kit is Easy to Use

This process is so easy, you’ll probably just want to have your kids do it for you while you kick back with a cool drink and watch. But let’s make sure you have the process down before turning over the brush to Junior. Start with just a few chips and complete the process so you can make adjustments as needed before embarking on the whole vehicle.

No More Blobby Unprofessional Paint Touch Up

The Ding King’s paint touch up kit provides smooth and even results that match the surface of the paint. 

Our system will provide professional results in a faster time frame. Our repair process is simple to follow and our paint is easy to work with. 

Preparing Your Surface

You’ll want to be sure the vehicle is clean and dry. Generally, that’s enough to properly prep the surface. However, we do include a product that will remove any wax or silicone that may still adhere. It’s good to rid the area of such contaminants, as they may prevent proper paint adhesion. Make sure the panels to be repaired aren’t excessively hot. Ambient temperatures should be 40-95 degrees F.

Chip Paint Touch Up System

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