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A bright yellow sports car with sleek, aerodynamic features, black accents, and large alloy wheels shines under the Californian sun. The car is viewed from the front-left angle, making it look like it's fresh out of a PDR Training in California session.

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Certified Paintless Dent Repair Training for Over 25 Years!

If you’re serious about becoming the best Paintless Dent Repair technician, The Ding King has the experience to teach you everything you need to know, from glue pulling, to body line and crease repair, to hail damage and fixing dings & dents on every make and model (including aluminum.)

The image shows a gold seal with a black scroll, crown, and text that reads "The Ding King Training Institute" and "Get Certified." Adjacent text says, "Get Trained. Get Certified. Quality Tools - Guaranteed for Life." Experience top-notch PDR Training in California.

Paintless Dent Removal Training

And Other Profitable Service Add-Ons!
  • 1. Yellowed Headlights
  • 2. Paint Chips
  • 3.Chipped Windshield
  • 4.Interior Rips & Burns
  • 5.Odor Removal
A side view of a black SUV with tinted windows, displaying its sleek design and alloy wheels, as seen during a PDR Training in California.
  • 6.Dirty Upholstery
  • 7.Paint Polishing
  • 8.Door Dings & Dents
  • 9.Damaged Wheels
  • 10.Scuffed Bumper

Allow Our 25 Years of Success to be the Platform for Your Success

A gray circular badge with scalloped edges displaying the word "CERTIFIED" three times in the center and along the inner border, designed for those who have completed PDR Training in California.

Get Certified

The Ding King Training Institute is Licensed to Operate a PDR School who provides Certification upon completion of training which will help you capture more revenue.

Logo of the Better Business Bureau, featuring a stylized torch above the letters "BBB," often seen in materials related to PDR Training in California.

A+ Rating

We are accredited with both the Better Business Bureau & Business Consumer Alliance Group with an A+ rating.

A rectangular stamp with the words "TESTED & PROVEN!!" in capital letters, reminiscent of the rigorous PDR Training in California. The stamp has a slightly faded appearance.

Proven Curriculum

Our PDR Training Curriculum is thorough and covers everything you need to know to build your own successful PDR business.

Image of two gray handprints with fingers spread apart on a white background, reminiscent of the detailed craftsmanship and artistry emphasized in PDR Training in California.

Hands-On Training

Training is conducted on a variety of cars and trucks to insure you have the real life experience required to be the best you can be.

A grayscale illustration of Earth shows the continents of Africa, Europe, and part of Asia, reminiscent of the intricate detail one might see in a PDR Training in California.

Real-World Experience

Ding King’s experience includes the operation of 10 retail repair facilities, managing 250 mobile technicians who service auto dealerships & retail customers.

A circular gray icon featuring a clipboard with a paper and a pencil positioned as if ready to write, symbolizing PDR Training in California.

Instructional Experience

Our team of instructors have over 100 years of combined experience as both technicians and teachers of the art of paintless dent removal.

A gray circle icon featuring a white wrench and screwdriver crossed in the center, representing tools or maintenance, often associated with PDR Training in California.

Quality Tools

Ding King PDR tools are proudly made in the USA and are unconditionally guaranteed for life.

Gray Snap-on logo on a white background, highlighting the premier PDR Training in California.

Snap-on Approved

Our dent repair tools are sold on over 4,000 Snap-on tool trucks across America and Canada.

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Business & Marketing

Business, Marketing and Advertising Classes are taught by the President and covers everything you’ll need to know about setting up and growing your new business.

A computer monitor displays video editing software with a timeline and preview windows, viewed from the front, much like the setup used in PDR Training in California.

National Directory

Ding King graduates have the option to be enrolled in our National Directory where we refer retail customers to your business.

Industry Affliations

PDR Training Curriculum

The Ding King Paintless Dent Repair Training Institute teaches students step-by-step how to remove small dents on top and side panels, and how to tackle more elaborate repairs such as hail damage, large dents and vertical and horizontal crease dents. In addition, students learn advanced techniques for removing more complex damage on all areas of the vehicle, both foreign and domestic.

Tool selection, access, brace configurations and the inner workings of side panels are taught in great detail. An important part of our PDR training program is for you to be fully comfortable using all your PDR Tools and understand how to use the dent light and portable reflector boards while working outside. The Ding King PDR Course Curriculum for Paintless Dent Repair Training is the most comprehensive class taught and packed with all the necessary foundation building exercises to teach you all facets of PDR in the shortest amount of time possible.

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